Biscuit Manufacturing Machines

  • Start with Germany design team 
  • Build by Canada engineering team 
  • With Japanese service & Chinese speed.
  • One stop solution for bakery and confectionery factory

Which machinery are you looking for?


What is gummy candy

Gummies are available in a wide variety of shapes, most commonly colorful depictions of living things such as bears, babies, or worms.Gummy candy as well as jelly candy are gum…

How to make gummy candy(Home made)

First prepare the ingredients: Jell gums(pectin,gelatin,carrageenan,starch) Syrup White sugar Water Color & flavor(Or juice) Oil or starch (Avoid sticky on the mold & not nesseary) Second prepare the tools: Mixer…

Biscuit&Cookie Machines

Biscuit&Cookie Machines for industrial bakeries World  Wide…

Cracker biscuit machines

An efficient, reliable, and hygienic cracker design for high volume cracker production

Gummy bear machines

Our most advanced, highly automated Gummy Bear machine has been designed for both new and established gummy bear manufacturers to skyrocket their businesses.

Chocolate machines

Our Biscuit&Cookie Machines are installed world wide in almost any type of application. The modular design oven section can be combined and optimised for the specific process requirements 

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Aasted a market Leader

Since 1917 innovation and passion have been driving Aashed Where it is today. A worldwide market leading manufacturer of production with in the chocolate, and confectionery industries.

  • Care the safety for the machine operator
  • Care the food safety
  • Care the machine life maintenance
  • Conforms WHO, CSA,GMP, CE,UL, CSA standards compliance
  • Warning and instructions on each part
  • Oversea installation training and problem solving
  • Local mechanical & recipe base knowledge lesson
  • Spare parts center system
  • Quick Air Delivery of Accessories
  • Online lesson for machine maintenance
  • Software remote update
  • Faster delivery times
  • Plant layout & Full Scope machine design
  • Product development & update
  • QC,ISO process control
  • Proposal and budget analysis
  • Formula consultation and support

What we can do before order?

  • Sample trial before order
  • Sample factory tour
  • Famous food factory tour
  • Technical seminar
  • Turnkey solution
  • Factory layout design

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