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Start with Germany design team,
Build by Canada engineering team.

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Safety as value

  • Care the safety for the machine operator
  • Care the food safety
  • Care the machine life maintenance
  • Conforms WHO, CSA,GMP, CE,UL, CSA standards compliance
  • Warning and instructions on each part


  • Plant layout & Full Scope machine design
  • Product development & update
  • QC,ISO process control
  • Proposal and budget analysis
  • Formula consultation and support


  • Oversea installation training and problem solving
  • Local mechanical & recipe base knowledge lesson
  • Spare parts center system
  • Quick Air Delivery of Accessories
  • Online lesson for machine maintenance
  • Software remote update
  • Faster delivery times

Customer project

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Our Leadership Team

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Vincent Reynolds

CEO - Cofounder

Oliver Hendricks

Head of Partnerships

Ane Marie Stevens

Marketing Manager

William Spencer

Support Manager