Cracker biscuit production line

  • Dough mixer(Vertical type)
  • Dough cutting conveyor
  • Laminator or Three roller sheeter
  • Roller Sheeting
  • Dough sheet relax
  • Rotary cutter
  • Baking oven

Dough mixer

  • Double mixer roller
  • Simple & safe operating
  • Timer for optimum control after the final mixing
  • Stainless steel double vertical spindle blades
  • Wheeled mixing tubs for repairing & time-saving
  • Hygienic and easy to maintenance

Dough cutting conveyor

  • Servo or cylinder cutting
  • Speed and cutting weight by setting
  • Three types of cutter or rabbler

Roller Sheeting

  • Dough thickness digital display,precise and accurate.
  • Alloy steel roller, stronger, wear resistance
  • Stable transmission, small vibration, low noise
  • T9 type scraper, sharp and durable.
  • Eccentric plate thickness adjustment structure, reliable, durable
  • Pneumatic tension, pneumatic rectifying device
  • Protect shell covered on roller


  • Cut sheet laminator
  • Reciprocating type laminatorer

Dough sheet relax

  • For high-end equipment
  • Bigger capacity

Dough sheet relax

  • For high-end equipment
  • Bigger capacity

Rotary cutter

  • Double roller cutter for bigger capacity
  • Time Saving for more capacities
  • A clearer printer by Copperplate engravings
  • Easy to replace different shapes
  • Adjustable thickness and spacing with rubber roller
  • Dough separate and recycle
  • Bigger capacity

Baking Oven


  • Electrical oven-far infrared heating
  • Gas oven-direct fired oven

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