How to made gummy candy by starch-less machine?


Jell gums(pectin,gelatin,carrageenan)

Know the difference between them @ Gelatin,Pectin,Carrageenan,Starch with gummy candy

We are using pectin base for example in below

  1. Syrup
  2. Sugar
  3. Water
  4. Color & flavor(Or juice)CFA system
  5. Oil or starch

Machines will be needed:

  1. Cooker
  2. Transfer pump
  3. Forming machine(depositing & cooling)
  4. Molds
  5. Drying trays


Cooking – Depositing- Cooling – Demolding – Drying – Packing

1-Cooking- By different type of cookers

Unlike manual cooking with single pot the cooker usually is double jacket and with heating medium inside,by heating the medium to heat the cooker such as oil/water/steam.(What should i chose?)link to questions no1
For protect the workers’ safety we have three layer cooker the outside layer with insulation.

Inside will be a mixer with scraper,the teflon scraper will help scrap the syrup in case syrup remain on the cooker and burned the syrup.

And a homogenize can be added for help mixing the pectin well in melting the syrup.

Transfer pump & double jacket pipes

As for big capacity we suggest use a transfer pump and double jacket pipes to transfer the syrup,and protect the syrup in warm&ready production temperature in case it get cool &
There are different types of pump on the market such as lobe pump & gear pump.

Buff tank or storage tank

Double jacket storage tank is used as a buff tank,because the cooking is batch by batch
But the forming machine is continues running so the storage tank is a necessary machine for automatic running system.
We also have continues cooking system for more fully automatic or bigger capacity.

Forming CFA system

CFA is abbreviation for Color& Flavor & Acid,In production cooking that the syrup is natural color and flavor so after the syrup are finished will adding the CFA inside to have better taste. And with the CFA system not only can control the dosage but also can fast change the color without cleaning the cookers and pipes each time you change the color.
If you are making vitamin or other pharmacy adding this is also a suggestion system to adding and control the adding quality.
There are two types of CFA system by Dynamic and Static mixer usually the Static type with inline mixer together.


Forming is the step which dropped the syrup into the different shapes of molds called depositing.
Unlike manual dropping, the machine can setting the weight on the PLC program at more accurate and faster production control.


And the Automatic starchless gummy candy production line with cooling and automatic
demolding system which no need worker move the molds to the refrigerator and move out then demolding.
The molds are connected in the line and it will automatic transfer in to the Cooling tunnel which the tunnel is like a freezer with chillers inside to cool the gummy candy molds together then the Automatic demolding system will help the gummies demolding,and it will drop on the outlet conveyor belt.


Drying is a necessary process for stander industry production,most of the beginner will easily omit the step but its a every important with the drying process the gummies will be a finished product.
The drying process will help reduce the moisture content inside the gummies to reach better chew taste and longer shelf life. @biscuit machinery will help suggest the temperature and humidity base on customers gummies to achieve & build a better drying situations.

Oil coating

It is used for coating the oil /syrup/wax out side of the gummy candy optimum coating to give quality appearance to products with shinning surface.

Sugar sanding

It is used for coating the sugar/salt outside of the candy to give more ruff or layer taste. Both of this two machine is automatic transfer form one way to another.

Q1: What should i chose for mine cookers by steam or electrical heating?

This is based on your existing equipment , if your already have steam-burning equipment or you want bigger capacity machine then we recommend the steam because it can reach the temperature more faster. Or if you just start then electric will be the simplest way to start

Q2: Does the mixer speed and high shearing speed can be adjust?

Usually not necessary with adjust speed for industry use,but if recipe needs then we can add speed frequency control on the pump.

Q3: What’s different between lobe pump&gear pump?

When transporting high viscosity liquids gare pump is more faster but more louder not wear-resistant and unreliable in operation.
Robe pumps are more effective basically no wearing parts during operation, easy to clean and less maintenance.

Q4: How many types of molds can be used on machine?

For the starchless machine we have metal molds with teflon coating,Hard silicone molds,and new type of PE molds.

Q5: How does the demolding system working?

There will be pins or soft parts of the molds the demolding system will be like a press plate to press the molds pins and candies will be dorp out,and brush or air knife will ensure all the gummies demolding too.

Q6: How to set up a drying room?

The drying condition and time is based on what type of gum you are using but the drying room is almost the same.
Customer need to build few insulation room each need less than 270ft² and inside with dehumidifier to control the humidity and temperature,and air recirculating .

Q7:when should we use the oil/sugar sanding before dry or after dry?

For the oil/wax coating the gummies are mattle and less smooth after it dry so a oil coater will help shinning and oil the gummies surface.
For the sugar/salt coating it can be do both before dry or after dry depend on how fine particle,but coating the surface before drying will help less stick on between gummies.