What is gummy candy

Gummies are available in a wide variety of shapes, most commonly colorful depictions of living things such as bears, babies, or worms.
Gummy candy as well as jelly candy are gum based chew-able sweets.

Types of gummies:

By shape:

  • gummy bear
  • gummy worm
  • gummy ring
  • jelly bean
  • gumdrop

By function :

  • Vitamin gummies
  • Hair care gummies
  • Iron gummies
  • CBD gummies
  • THC gummies

By color :

  • Single color
  • center-filled
  • side by side
  • Layer by layer

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The main ingredients are:

  • Glucose syrup
  • White sugar
  • different gum base(pectin,gelatin,carrageenan)
  • water and different food acids such as citric acid
  • color flavor or starch
Forming gummies:

Ingredients cook in certain temperature and PH level them transfer then into different molds wait it cooling & gumming & forming.

Candy molds

There are lots of types of materials for candy molds,such as soft silicone molds,metal molds,aluminium molds,Plastic molds…
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Drying gummies:

After remove the candy form the molds the shapes is formed but the moisture is still high,so we need to removed the moisture inside the gummies to reach the enough jell strength by drying them in certain temperature and humidity.Then it will be ready to chew~
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Q1: How many types of gums we can choose for forming the gummies?

-A:There are 4 common types of gum:Gelatin,Pectin,carrageenan,Starch…
If you want to know more about the difference you can go to Gelatin,pectin,Carrageenan,Starch with gummy candy & How to make gummy candy know more about.

Q2: Why some of the gummies are unfriendly to Muslim or Vegetarianism?

-A: That is because of the Gelatin type made gummies, Gelatin is mostly from animals especially cowhide, for these groups customers suggest chose Pectin or Carrageenan…

Q3: Another function can the gummies have?

-A: Yes, In recent years more and more people pay attention to health care,Begin with mifufuntional vitamins for kids;Hair or collagen beauty care for wonmen;Melatonin gummies for sleep;And now even CBD or THC added in gummies and for pet care…Its begin in widely used in more pharmaceutical area and of cause the selling price will be more advantageous than traditional candy industry.
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