Types of Bad Backlinks- How To Build Backlinks

How To Build Backlinks:


In youtube channel – youtube trailer video description leave your site’s link. It’s an effective backlink method.

2- Google My Business

IN GOOGLE my business the google provides an option of free website and in that option in summery, you can put a text and link on that text that’s a very effective method of backlinking. Google also giving more attention to google my business.

3- Images Backlinks

How To Build Backlinks images is also a very impressive backlink method, you have to just go on quality images sites like petals/pea and create your account and upload images with your link.

4-Reviews/ Testimonials

Exchange meant of reviews of the relevant business to business like a hospital and medical store business review exchange, and you also have to take in mind that Relationship should be seen natural, and their(reviewing) website must be safe(their da and ta must be high).

5- Great Content

In this way of backlinking don’t you have to run after the backlinks, rather the backlinks run after you? you just have to take in mind that the content must be useful and helpful for the viewers.

Types of Bad Backlinks:

1- Expired Domain

Are those sites which do not exist because of some reason but now someone else is running that site and using their backlinks for ranking up.

2- Diss Balanced Backlinks

Backlinks are not only in text form, but they’re also are image, frame, form, and video backlinks, and you have to make a balanced ratio in these types of links according to your website content and formate. And also relevant to your websites.

3- Misleading Backlinks

Suppose you are linking to a toys site and linking to hardware site/content than its a misleading backlink

4-Blog Comments and Press Release

These methods are too old and google has already banned all these because google algorithms know this that people itself publish and release these.


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