12 Reasons Why Google Ranking Dropped Suddenly

Every now and then there is someone saying that “ Website’s Ranking Dropped ”! So are you facing something like this?

Website’s ranking dropped suddenly, Let’s see how to counter it

Before freaking out, get to know what could be the reasons.

There could be three types of Changes behind it

  • Changes made by yourself
  • Changes that the Search Engine made
  • Competitors have been making some changes

You are unable to figure out the reasons Right? Don’t Worry We’ll elaborate.

Made some changes in Website Configurations;

A structural change like migrating to a new server and forgot to make 301 Redirects


What is a 301 Redirect?
301 redirect

301 is applied when the URL is Permanently Moved from one link to another one

301 Helps search engine to Rank the new URL and duplication is removed

If there is some similar sort of move, don’t forget to update the XML sitemaps and canonical tags.

  • Some posts have been updated but the Dates are not syncing. Check the meta information for it. 
  • Update the alt text for any new media added to the webpage.
  • Keywords are really important, right? Must add Best Keywords in the title
  • Note Page Loading time because a page loading speed down to 3 seconds will create problems
    • Page Loading times can increase if there is some heavy data like Images and Videos are added to the site
  • Must provide updated ROBOTS.TXT and SITEMAP to Google Webmaster Tool
  • Make sure that the Website is Light Weighted and it uses fewer HTTP requests

An unfortunate event like Accidental or Error loss of an Important file

How could an event like this can happen ? let’s find out

  1. Could be a Server Overload
  2. Any issue in the Server
  3. The ROBOTS.TXT file got lost somehow

Issues like these could be resolved by performing some procedures like

  1. Open the SERVER LOGS use any tool to test how the URL is being Rendered or Crawled
  2. Consult for issues on the Google Search Console

The site is being ignored and maintenance is due, this is obvious right?

Lack of maintenance could lead to the site being left unfollowed and Google ranking starts dropping, let’s clear what things are called in Maintenance;

  1. The outdated syntax or hyperlinks be in the site that isn’t followed up
    • Crawlers coming across these things can be a bad omen
  2. Keyword Research is outdated
  3. Over Optimizing for Search engines and Not caring for Users
  4. Trying to OutSmart the Search Engines
  5. The site contains irrelevant Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Headings
  6. Relevant title descriptive anchors are missing
  7. Recent changes in Page Titles can have a negative impact. Avoid Them!
  8. Avoid Hacks and implement Researching on new features and best practices could Simplify Development
  9. Crawlability is to be ensured after and update. Avoid using Flash and JavaScript navigation but if the use persists, use it to enhance on existing (X)HTML menu.
    • You don’t need a sitemap if the Site Is Crawlable in the first place.
    • RSS Feeds also help to get Crawled
  10. Unique title tags and meta descriptions are important including Rich Snippets markup from schema.org where appropriate. Have intuitive navigation and good internal links

The Links you have made are falling gradually, Why?

Backlinks are the backbone of optimization of the content and special attention should be given to them

It is important that other websites are backlinked to your website otherwise the website authority suffers damage. Reach out to the authority sites and get them to link to your page, so you can improve the Google ranking.

Who doesn’t want Traffic? try to make other websites link to your website. But the game here would be two-sided. If there is a decrease in the Google ranking of the website with your backlinks it will affect your site and it will disturb the Site Credibility and Authority.

A similar process is to increase the quality of outbound links of your own website

NOTE:   Domain authority is greater for older domains

Internal Links are also very important! Make sure none of them are broken and the anchors are descriptive

Another vital process is to make sure is that none of the Pages are inaccessible by the Crawlers

Is your building strategy based on Risky, Spam, or Outdated links? Be prepared to be Penalized By Google

Be Aware of the Traffic Sources You Expect on you site

Traffics sources on your website include

  • Email Marketing
    • Referrals
    • Direct Traffics
    • Organic Search
    • Paid search
    • Social Media

Be careful about the content keeping in mind all these traffic concerns

The decrease in Site Authority is parallel to a drop in Google ranking

To maintain the authority, Keep the Quality of the Content high and keep it relevant

Duplication and plagiarized content is a CRIME !

Maintain the URL slugs

Low topic authority for new blog post can decrease ranking.

Give break to frequent updating in the Content

It is very important to keep eyes open for the changes in trends across the web. Because at the user end the changes in trends are very frequent.

Keep your track updated or click-through rates, ranking, and Relevancy of the website keep falling

Who likes to get penalties on their record? Look for any changes in Google Algorithms

Penalties will decrease your Rank significantly, be careful that your website doesn’t go beyond Google Guidelines

Check the Manual Actions Report in Google Search Console

Follow up to Google Analytics

Check out for the trends that are changing the criteria of Google Ranking, if any changes come up, UPDATE!

Your estimates can be wrong and inaccurate for Ranking

This happens when you don’t have accurate idea about your ranking

Check your ranking in multiple Geographic locations, especially those that where your content is going to be used

Check the ranking while logging out of your email account. The personalized ranking will be cleared

The results change if they are not compatible with other devices such as mobile phones and tablets

Social Media is as important to consider nowadays as any other platform

Social Media is very significantly playing role in the Google ranking strategies

Make your content go booming on the Social Media with Likes & Shares, the search engine will get the signals that content is important.

It will also generate more Traffics and Back-links

Keep the images as attractive as the content, they are the customer pulling magnets

If you are building a Community, what is a better place than Social Media

Who will choose to be on your site if it is not secured!

Security concerns of the website will create problems for ranking

Make sure that the Website Security Protocols are up to date

SSL encryption is very necessary for the E-Commerce Platforms

Some Credible Advice from Google about Ranking

  • Having no value proposition: Try not to assume that a site should rank #1 without knowing why it’s helpful to searchers
  • Segmented approach: Be wary of setting SEO-related goals without making sure they’re aligned with your company’s overall objectives and the goals of other departments. For example, in tandem with your work optimizing product pages (and the full user experience once they come to your site), also contribute your expertise to your Marketing team’s upcoming campaign. So if Marketing is launching new videos or a more interactive site, be sure that searchers can find their content, too.
  • Time-consuming workarounds: Avoid implementing a hack rather than researching new features or best practices that could simplify development (e.g., changing the timestamp on an updated
  • URL so it’s crawled more quickly instead of easily submitting the URL through Fetch as Googlebot).
  • Caught in SEO trends: Consider spending less time obsessing about the latest “trick” to boost your rankings and instead focus on the fundamental tasks/efforts that will bring lasting visitors.
  • Slow iteration: Aim to be agile rather than promote an environment where the infrastructure and/or processes make improving your site, or even testing possible improvements, difficult.

SEO Team of Salam Experts is Here to Help You Rank Your Website High in Google Search Engine.

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