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13 Best Ways to Increase ECommerce Sales

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First of all, a well-designed shopping store should serve the user in the best possible way to make shopping experience comfortable and easy.

Most of the users come to the E-Commerce store for buying the product rather than admiring the website graphics such as big banners, animations, etc.

Lets us go through with some factor that can increase the performance of your web store and ultimately the increase in sales.

Testimonials or Reviews

Honest reviews and testimonials often play an important role in getting the user’s satisfaction. So it is recommended to use the real reviews section under each product to increase the conversion rate hence the increase in online sales.

Gifts for Newsletter Subscription

Building a targeted list of newsletter campaign is valuable, you can send sale news and offers to the hundreds. This traffic would likely to convert and give your website useful traffic. Traffic really helps in lifting up the overall ranking of a website. But why would one give you a personal email for free, yes offer them a giveaway or lucky draw gift? Make it special and announce it to your website for a better newsletter subscription.

Simpler Checkout Page with Guest Checkout Option

Make the checkout process in the simplest form as possible so users don’t lose interest in multiple steps.

Add Incentive or Discount for Registration and Use it for Email Campaign

Try to give a special discount on the registration step while purchasing online. Obviously, the guest option should be there, and creating an account might need some additional fields to fill out.

However, if you offer some additional discount for the first time on the registration then this information is going to help your e-commerce sales.

Once a customer would likely to make more purchases if you engage them.

Try to get a preferred way of having sales and offer news, so you can target the right medium to reach your client. Not every client reads emails. So it’s better to ask a preferred way of communication.

Obviously you can write a label like “Enter a best way to inform you about your gift or news”. Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Giveaways like this tend to work really well if you run the right kind of traffic to them.

Sales, Off Seasonal Events Valentines Day Thanksgiving Christmas Father’s Day Mother’s Day

Try to prepare a plan and get the best out of these events. Add the best possible and easy ways of delivery and packaging. So your product can make your loved ones cheers.

Trusted Seal of Secure Payments

If you never come across this term then check this out on Google. The verified status of the secure payment seal could cause the users to believe that the payment method is secure on this website. Obviously that is the biggest concern of the user to pay through the safest way and their payment methods are secure.


Faq section plays an important role in the online store sales, so it is necessary to add Faqs to each section of the website. Faqs are mostly related to return policy, refund policy, exchange policy, product description, shipping methods, payment methods, security, user account management, and privacy policy.

Increase website speed

Your website or online store should be fast so the user doesn’t have to wait for more than 2-3 seconds ideally. This is the first step towards user experience that your website should open with a fraction of seconds.

Your website or online store should be fast so the user doesn’t have to wait for more than 2-3 seconds ideally. This is the first step towards user experience that your website should open with a fraction of seconds.

There are multiple resources that share many stats regarding why the speed of the website matters. e.g.
I’ve found Google’s point of view here

One-Click Access to Product and Buy Now Button

The number of clicks should be minimal to reach to a product. Also, the buy now button should be prominent on the same location to make items purchasable without have to go to other pages or auto redirection to cart pages, etc.

An enhanced search option should be prominent so the user can reach a product quickly. Again the search results should be fast. Furthermore, the search options should have an autocomplete option so it lists out the relevant options as soon as user types in a character.

Live Chat Option

Researches have shown that consumers prefer live chat over all other forms of customer service. There are hundreds of live chat applications and programs available in the market. I just have a piece of advice that the live chat option should not impact badly on the site performance especially the loading speed.

Focus on Product Presentation

The better the presentation the better the chances to grab buyer attention. There are many blogs out there that focus on product page designs, I suggest to look at these resources while planning to your product page this includes product description, product attributes, product pictures or photo gallery, product reviews, quantity, price area, sales badge, faqs, and many more things.

Check this out the HubSpot or Google this topic for more information. There is sufficient material out there for each section of the product page like this particular Shopify blog covers the concept of product photography

Secure URL

Make sure the website serves through https:// version of the URL. It is observed that due to encrypted transport layer of the https version of the URL increases the trust level for the search engines, browsers, and users.

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