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We know, SEO is a challenging topic. Being the Wix user, you probably already know the basics.The only thing is X SEO Factor that will help you boost your website ranking, obtain more visitors, and possibly more clients. Hire our complete Wix Search Engine Optimization Service today.

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    Wix SEO requires some work, but the more you optimize, the better search engines can understand what your site is about and match you with better traffic.

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    We have been working with Salam Experts on our new wix website, and it has been nothing but seamless, informative, and the depths to which they go to ensure the best results. From day one our Wix site has performed, and we are just seeing more results. I highly, highly recommend them!
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    The vast majority of people come to your wix website by using search engines like Google, which means great SEO helps them find you faster.

    The Wix Editor lets you create a website with unique text that describes your business. This allows Google to better identify your website, and lists it in relevant Google searches.

    The truth is, Wix sites are search engine friendly, but it can take up to 3 months for your site to be crawled and appear in search engine results.

    Shortly: Everything you need to make your site rank better. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, we have you covered.

    SEO in the Editor – Easily add SEO to each page of your site.

    SEO for images – Use the Wix Editor’s Alt Text to optimize your images.

    SEO Wizard – Wix provides a free guide to properly optimize your website.

    Wix blog – take a look at all wix useful guides and articles.

    Wix App Market: Check out wix Apps for better SEO.

    Wix Support: You can reach out to Wix Support if you still have more questions.

    The cost of SEO services varies based on what is included. Mostly our prices for monthly wix seo services are between &300-&500 based on the scope of the project.

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