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Unique Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day Around the World

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Moms are the sunshine in our lives, the glue that holds our families together, and the source of endless love and support. Mother’s Day is a chance to shower them with appreciation, but with so many ways to celebrate, how do you make it truly special? Look beyond the traditional flowers and chocolates and explore unique traditions worldwide to create a Mother’s Day your mom will never forget!

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Special Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day Around the World


In Thailand, Mother’s Day falls on the Queen’s birthday, a day to celebrate motherhood and express gratitude. People wear blue and offer gifts to their mothers, often including jasmine flowers.


Carnations are the traditional Mother’s Day flower in Japan. Red carnations symbolize love and respect, while pink carnations express gratitude.


“Antara” is a three-day festival celebrating motherhood in Ethiopia. Families gather to sing, dance, and feast, honouring mothers for their sacrifices.


Similar to the U.S., Mother’s Day in Brazil is a time for gifts, flowers, and family celebrations. Children often perform songs and poems for their mothers.


Mother’s Day in Australia is similar to the U.S. celebration, with a focus on breakfast in bed, flowers, and spending quality time together.

20 Heartfelt Messages to Make Mom Feel Loved

You make every day brighter. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

You always know how to make me smile. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

15 Creative DIY Projects to Show Your Love on Mother’s Day

Handmade Crafts

Keepsakes with a Personal Touch

Creativity With Sentimental Touches

How Can I Make My Mom Smile This Happy Mother’s Day With A Special Gift (10 Unique Gifts)

Bonus Tip: For an extra special touch, learn a few phrases to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in different languages. This small gesture can show your mom you put extra thought and effort into making her day unforgettable.

Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate your mom in a way that feels genuine and reflects your unique bond. Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the incredible women who raised us. By incorporating unique traditions from around the world, heartfelt messages, creative DIY projects, and thoughtful gifts, you can create a Mother’s Day that truly expresses your love and appreciation. So get creative, get personal, and let your mom know just how much she means to you!


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