Essential Steps and Tips to be Great at Article Writing

Being good at Article Writing is important !

Article writing Bloggers and freelancers often face an obstruction: To produce a good article in a short time and efficiently.

It is very vital to develop the skills that are required to write great content in a short time as possible but with great readability.

Article writing
Article Writing

It is 2020: THE ERA OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA. The demand for great content writers who can produce quality content in short time spans is very high.

We live in an era where the content that goes on the website is to be very accurate and optimized.

Let’s follow the Six step by step procedure of Article writing;

Step One: The goal of article writing

Before doing any kind of writing, do make sure that what is the goal of the article. Think aloud, Think a lot. Do think about the big picture from start to end about what the article is going to achieve. This will remove any confusions in your mind and you will not reach a deadlock between the article

Step Two: Clear the Intent

After you have done setting your goal, take note of the intent of the article’s topic. Where the article is going to hit, who are the accessors and readers of the article? Intend should be cleared before any writing or the article of yours might start hitting the wrong audience and they will not like to read it anyway

Step Three: Decide the length of the article

The length of the article is based on the Step One and Two. The article can be a precise one with very little but very clearly depicting meaning. On the other hand, the article could be a lengthy one that has to deliver very high details, longer articles are difficult to write because attention-grabbing for a long is relay a difficult task

Step Four: Index the important points

Gather the information you need from the resources and write them down on a rough sheet. Read to points repeatedly and arrange them in the order the user wants the information. E.g. keep the highlighting content on the top and other information in the bottom.

Step Five: Start Writing

Now it’s time to really consume the information you’ve gathered and start to Pen it Down. Write the whole article but WAIT….

There could be some information that might occur to you in between, draft a sketch on rough and fill that information on the actual article

Complete the article with your best potential with the aspects of STEP one to Step Four clear in your mind

Step Six: Take a break, Restart !

Article writing or any work can drain your energy and thinking ability. After done writing, the article takes a short break to freshen yourself. After doing so, come back to work and start the additional processes in the article.

                Sub-Step One: Re-Read the article

                Start re-reading the article from the top and look for mistakes and un-appealing content that might disturb the reader or lose interest. Correct them.

                Sub-Step Two: Perform Automated Checks

                Done with manual checking? now perform automated checks provided by the computer. It includes Grammar checks, thesaurus checks, sentence formations, syntax errors, etc. It will help you in making the article very readable

After following all these steps, your article is completely done, Time to Hit it in the place.

Some important tips to improve Article writing skills.

Article writing tips
Article Writing Tips

If you want to reach that height of writing skills, these are some tips for you to follow.

1. Keep yourself updated.

Things just come in trend on the internet within a blink of an eye, so it is important to keep the list of potential ideas in hand. Just write all the ideas that you keep grabbing from any sources

2. Article Writing requires hefty research.

Research is a very important procedure to follow before writing any stuff. But be careful that you do not fall into the trap of loose ends and can’t break the research cycle. Keep the research very specific and if you are not finding any good content then adjust your subject matter.

3. Simplicity is the key.

A reader is on your content for very little time, so keep the content very straight-forward and Compact. This point will help the article to be stream-lined with covering all the required aspects

4. Try to add content in bullets.

Try to manage your article’s highlights in bullets. This will keep the content in a very arranged manner and it will keep increasing the chances of the content reaching the targeted audience.

5. Write, Revise and Re-Write.

After you think you have created the complete article, re-read the whole article and check that are there any improvements to be implemented?

The process of writing and editing are very different. To make sure that the content is well written is by revisions, look at the main headlines and paragraphs. They must be very clear and readable.

Some questions that help to remove errors are.

  • Did you effectively include the ingredients/supplies needed for the reader?
  • Are all the important steps included?
  • The content is in a logical order?
  • Did you warn readers of any dangers?

6. Remove distractions in the process.

There are people who claim to be multi-taskers. The statement that justifies them is “Jack of all Trades but Master of None”. Article writing is the process of complete attention, especially if the Time-Span is very limited. Before you begin to write an article, look around you and free yourself from any distractions

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