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12 Must-Know Instagram Stats for Marketers in 2024

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In the speedy world of the internet, being in the know is like having a secret key for marketers. To make a real impact on Instagram, where everyone gathers, staying up-to-date with the freshest trends and figures is crucial. In this blog post, we’re going to take you on a journey through 12 intriguing Instagram facts for 2024. Think of them as your trusty treasure map to find where the crowds are, what they fancy, and how to catch their eye.

Imagine Instagram as a buzzing marketplace, a place where folks hang out, chat, and discover new things. If you want to tell people about your products or your brand, you need to be in sync with what’s happening there. That’s where these Instagram stats come into play. They’re like a magic guidebook, showing you the way to where the action is, what’s cool, and how to shine brightly.

So, after you finish reading this blog, you’ll be armed with precious knowledge that can help you navigate this bustling online world. You’ll be all set to make a real impact on Instagram and reach out to your audience in a way that truly matters. Let’s jump right into this exciting journey!

1. User Base Growth (Over 1.4 Billion)

User base growth

Instagram’s crowd just keeps getting bigger, with over 1.4 billion people hanging out there every month in 2024. It’s like a treasure trove for marketers, where you can connect with all kinds of potential customers. Whether you’re aiming at youngsters, grown-ups, or seniors, you’ll find lots of them active on Instagram. This big mix of people means you can find your own group, no matter what you’re selling or talking about.

2. Global Demographics (71% Under 35)

Global demographics

Instagram is like a magnet for young folks, with roughly 71% of its users being under 35 years old. It’s like a cool spot for brands that want to talk to millennials and Generation Z. If your stuff matches what these folks like, then Instagram is the place to be for your marketing game. But don’t forget, even older folks are joining the party too, giving you a diverse crowd to connect with.

3. Stories Engagement (500 Million Daily Users)

Stories engagement

Instagram Stories are like these quick, disappearing posts that 500 million people check out every day. It’s like a race against time, which makes people super excited. They know that whatever’s in the Stories will be gone soon, so they keep coming back for more. For marketers, this is like having a magic wand to create a sense of urgency and build personal connections with your audience.

4. Video Dominance (38% Higher Engagement)

Video dominance

People on Instagram really love videos – they’re like magnets for attention and get 38% more likes than regular pictures. It’s like a shift where everyone wants to see moving and fun stuff. For marketers, this means that creating videos, whether they’re short clips, fun reels, or longer stories on IGTV, can make a real splash. It’s like a way to tell your story and show your products in a sea of static images.

5. Influencer Marketing (90% Effectiveness)

Influencer marketing

Influencers are like the rock stars of Instagram, and they’re super effective – 90% of marketers think so. They’re like your cool friends who can talk to your potential customers in a way that’s super real. This is like a magic spell for marketers because it builds trust and makes people buy stuff. When you’re thinking about working with influencers, find ones whose style matches your brand. That way, when they talk about you, it feels totally genuine and clicks with your audience.

6. Shopping Features (70% Product Discovery)

Shopping features

Instagram’s shopping features are like secret treasure chests, and 70% of people go there to discover new stuff. People aren’t just window shopping; they’re actually looking to buy. So, if you’re a business, this is like having a shop in the busiest part of town. You can tag your products in your posts and use Instagram’s shopping tools to make buying super easy for your customers.

7. Hashtags Impact (12.6% More Engagement)

Hashtags impact

Hashtags are like magic words on Instagram. If you use at least one, your post gets 12.6% more likes and comments. They’re like signposts that help people find your stuff in the big Instagram forest. When you’re creating your posts, think about which hashtags make sense for your content. It’s like finding the right path to reach more people.

8. User-Generated Content (85% Persuasive)

User-generated content (UGC) is like having your customers be your best cheerleaders, and 85% of people find it more believable than what brands say. It’s like a trust-building tool. Encourage your customers to share their experiences with your stuff on Instagram. When you show their posts, it’s like telling the world, “Look, our customers love us!” It’s real, and people trust it.

9. Time Spent (30 Minutes Per Day)

Time spent

The average Instagram user spends 30 minutes each day on the app. It’s like having a half-hour chat with your audience every day. To make the most of this time, create stuff that your audience finds awesome. Whether it’s cool pics, stories, or fun interactive stuff, this is like your chance to connect with them regularly.

10. Explore Page (Over 50% Monthly Users)

More than half of Instagram accounts use the Explore page every month. It’s like a secret door to finding exciting new stuff. Getting on the Explore page is like having a spotlight on your content, even if people don’t follow you. To boost your chances, create amazing content that clicks with a big audience.

11. Instagram Ads (Projected $22.89 Billion)

Instagram ads

Businesses are pouring money into Instagram ads, and it’s expected to reach $22.89 billion in 2024. It’s like a vote of confidence in Instagram’s ad superpowers. As a marketer, learning how to create ads that stand out is like having a secret weapon. It’s your way to get noticed and turn eyeballs into sales.

12. Engagement Metrics (Peak on Wednesdays at 11 a.m.)

Engagement, like when people like your posts or leave comments, is the highest on Instagram on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. It’s like knowing the perfect time to make your moves. But remember, this is like a general guide. To get the timing spot-on for your brand, you need to understand when your specific audience is most active.


As we step into 2024, Instagram remains a treasure trove for marketers. With its ever-growing crowd, diverse demographics, and cool features, it’s a goldmine of opportunities to connect with your audience and see results. Whether you’re teaming up with influencers, telling fantastic stories, or using hashtags like a pro, knowing these 12 exciting Instagram facts is like having a secret key to ace your Instagram marketing efforts.


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