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Invalid Object Type for Field Brand Error and its Solution

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You may be facing an invalid object type for the field brand error for Shopify, woo commerce, or any other e-commerce platform. Here I will help you fix that error.

The error

The error you are facing might be similar to the error present here:

or here:

if you are facing any of the two errors above then worry not I have you covered.

The solution

Let’s look at the previous errors and see what’s wrong with them.

Here the type is written as “Thing” instead of “brand” which causes the error
and here writing “brand” and not mentioning “@type” alongside not mentioning “brand” after mentioning “@type” causes the error

Here is how this should look like when it’s error-free:

now, here you must notice a difference in the images how the “@type” is mentioned and after it “brand” is mentioned

If you want to have in-depth information about the google guidelines then you may visit: How to add structured data

For solutions to any kind of similar errors or Google Search Console error fixing services, Contact us.

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