Alt Text for Images Best Practices

Best Practices of Alt Text for Images

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You’ve probably be wondering about finding the answer of how to add alt text to images?

As an SEO, we love to update our knowledge. This helps us in improving our knowledge and focus on the things that matter.

I have found many references in the Google webmaster videos and in several other authentic means where these folks are highlighting the importance of using alt text for images.

Let me share the exact tip of writing an alt text for images.

The golden rule of thumb is to describe the image in a short sentence

For Example: what would I prefer to give alt text to the following image

a photo of cute puppies in a blanket

Yes, that is right I have given following alt text to this image

“a photo of cute puppies in a blanket”

I hope this makes it super easy to understand.

Now let’s look at the illustration that gives an idea of what and what not to do while writing an alt text.

best tip of writing image alt text

So as it is clear from the image, we should give our images a proper alt text rather than leaving it empty.

You can also get an SEO benefit from using this practice because the use of images increases the page quality, both for readers and search engines.

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