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Mark Rober: From NASA Engineer to YouTube Sensation

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Mark Rober’s journey is one of curiosity, creativity, and a passion for sharing knowledge. From his early days tinkering with gadgets to his current status as a YouTube superstar and educational advocate, Rober’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of following your passions.


Mark Rober’s Early Life and Education

Born in 1980 in California, Rober’s fascination with engineering began early. He spent his childhood devising solutions to everyday problems, like creating goggles to avoid onion-induced tears while cutting. This early ingenuity sparked his passion for engineering. He pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University. He later earned a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California, further solidifying his technical expertise.

Engineering Accolades

Rober’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. He landed a coveted position at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he spent nine years working on groundbreaking projects. His most notable contribution was on the Curiosity rover, the robotic explorer currently traversing the Martian landscape. This experience honed his technical skills and ignited his passion for space exploration.

Transition to Apple

After leaving NASA, Rober sought new challenges at Apple. He spent four years as a product designer in their Special Projects Group, where he worked on innovative technologies like virtual reality for self-driving cars. This experience exposed him to the cutting edge of design and technology, further broadening his skill set.

The YouTube Spark

In 2011, Rober embarked on a new adventure: creating a YouTube channel. He started by sharing his engineering expertise through engaging videos explaining complex concepts in a fun and relatable way. His early projects, like building a giant Nerf gun or creating a self-driving car for his dog, garnered significant attention.

Science Education Advocate

As his channel grew, Rober recognized the potential of YouTube to inspire and educate. He shifted his focus towards creating content that sparked curiosity and encouraged viewers, especially young people, to explore the world of science and technology. His “glitter bomb” videos, designed to catch porch pirates, became viral sensations, showcasing his ability to blend humor with educational value.

Beyond YouTube

Rober’s influence extends beyond YouTube. He founded CrunchLabs, a company dedicated to fostering STEM education through hands-on learning experiences and subscription boxes. He also actively participates in educational initiatives, speaking at schools and events to encourage young minds to pursue careers in science and technology.


Mark Rober’s journey is a testament to the power of curiosity, creativity, and the desire to share knowledge. He has successfully transitioned from a highly skilled engineer to a popular science communicator, inspiring millions through his engaging content and dedication to education. His story serves as a beacon for anyone who dreams of turning their passion into a platform for making a positive impact on the world.

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How did Mark Rober get started on YouTube?

He started his channel in 2011, sharing his engineering expertise and creating fun projects.

What are some of Mark Rober’s most popular videos?

His “glitter bomb” series, giant Nerf gun build, and self-driving car for his dog are some of his most viewed videos.

Where does Mark Rober live?

He currently lives in California.

Does Mark Rober have any children?

Yes, he has a son.

What are some of Mark Rober’s hobbies and interests?

He enjoys building things, learning new things, and spending time with his family.

What is Mark Rober’s net worth?

Estimates for Mark Rober’s net worth vary, but most fall between $4.43 million and $20 million.

What are Mark Rober kits?

Rober’s company offers various STEM learning kits for individuals and classrooms. These kits focus on hands-on learning experiences and cover coding, electronics, and design thinking. They can be valuable to a physical education (PE) program, integrating physical activity with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts.


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