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Best Car Shipping Companies of 2024

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Shipping your car can be a daunting task. You want to ensure it arrives safely, on time, and within budget. There are a lot of car shipping companies out there, and we know it can be tough to navigate the industry to find the best deal. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to choose the best car shipping company for your needs and budget.

Ship Your Car with Confidence: Top Choices for 2024

Moving across the country? Don’t trust your car to just any carrier. Here are some of the most reliable car shipping companies in 2024, each with a unique strength to fit your specific needs:

  • AutoStar Transport Express: Backed by a team of specialists, they ensure secure transport for your prized possession, whether it’s a classic car or a high-end SUV. They primarily use enclosed carriers for maximum protection.
  • American Auto Shipping: Renowned for their exceptional customer support, their dedicated team is available 24/7 to address your questions and concerns throughout the shipping process. They offer both open and enclosed carrier options.
  • Montway Auto Transport: A leader in international car shipping, they offer a variety of options including secure enclosed containers for maximum protection during overseas travel.
  • AmeriFreight Car Shipping: Looking for the best value? AmeriFreight is a broker that can help you score multiple discounts on open car carrier transport.
  • Sherpa Auto Transport: Focused on comprehensive coverage, Sherpa Auto Transport provides exceptional insurance options to give you peace of mind while your car is on the road.

Fast Facts: Compare Top Car Shipping Companies for 2024

Google Rating
FeatureAutoStar Transport ExpressAmerican Auto ShippingMontway Auto TransportAmeriFreight Car ShippingSherpa Auto Transport
SpecialtyLuxury & Enclosed TransportCustomer Support (24/7)International ShippingPrice & DiscountsInsurance Coverage
SpecialtySecure transport for high-valueDedicated team for constant communicationExpertise in overseas car shippingCompetitive rates & multi-car discountsComprehensive insurance options
SpecialtyPrimarily Enclosed CarrierOpen & Enclosed Carrier OptionsEnclosed Containers (International)Open Carrier Focus (Discounts)Open & Enclosed Carrier Options

The table above offers a quick snapshot of the top car shipping companies in 2024. Each company excels in specific areas, catering to different needs. Let’s explore in detail what makes these companies stand out and why we consider them the best car transport service providers.

Top-Rated Car Shipping Companies in 2024

Shipping a car across the country requires careful planning and choosing the right transporter. This guide spotlights some of the top-rated car shipping companies in 2024, recognized for their excellent customer service, reliable transport options, and commitment to getting your vehicle safely to its destination. Below, we’ll dive into the details of each company, highlighting their strengths and specialties to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

AutoStar Transport Express

We chose AutoStar Transport Express as it is not new to the road. Founded in 2007, they’ve become an industry leader by prioritizing customer satisfaction and clear communication. Whether you’re an individual or a large dealer, they offer nationwide shipping solutions. Despite their growth, personalized service remains a core value.

We’re impressed by AutoStar Transport Express’s commitment to transparency, customer satisfaction, and especially their expertise in handling luxury vehicles. Unlike some competitors, AutoStar provides upfront pricing with no hidden fees. They also win us over with their reliable communication, keeping you informed throughout the entire shipping process.

  • Customer Reviews: AutoStar boasts consistent positive reviews from satisfied customers, particularly those who entrust them with their luxury and classic cars. They maintain a strong reputation for on-time delivery and exceptional service.
  • Services Offered: AutoStar offers a variety of transport options to fit your needs, including enclosed carriers specifically designed for luxury and classic cars. These enclosed trailers provide superior protection from the elements, road debris, and potential damage during transport. In addition to enclosed trailers, they also offer open carriers for more budget-conscious options.
  • Pricing and Insurance: AutoStar provides clear and upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Their comprehensive insurance plans ensure your vehicle is protected during transport, giving you peace of mind, especially for high-value luxury cars.
  • Expert Points: AutoStar goes the extra mile with features like flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Additionally, they offer 24/7 customer support, so you can always reach a representative if you have any questions or concerns, particularly regarding the transport of your luxury vehicle.

AutoStar Transport Express prioritizes customer experience, with a particular focus on the specific needs of luxury car owners. Their commitment to clear communication, upfront pricing, flexible scheduling, and expert handling of luxury vehicles makes them a reliable and trustworthy choice.

Here’s what stands out:

  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Reliable communication throughout the process.
  • 24/7 customer support for your convenience.
  • Flexible scheduling options to fit your needs.
  • Enclosed carrier options specifically designed for luxury and classic cars.
  • Comprehensive insurance plans for peace of mind.

While AutoStar Transport Express excels in many areas, there’s always room for improvement. Ideally, they could offer additional perks like car rental reimbursement or a free car wash upon delivery.

AutoStar Transport Express is a great choice for anyone seeking a reliable and transparent car shipping experience, particularly those who own luxury or classic vehicles. They cater to a wide range of customers with their flexible scheduling, variety of transport options, and expertise in handling high-value cars.


  • Luxury Vehicle Expertise: Enclosed carrier options and potentially experienced drivers ensure the safe transport of high-value cars.
  • Transparency: Upfront pricing with no hidden fees allows for clear budgeting.
  • Customer Service: 24/7 customer support provides a safety net for any questions or concerns.
  • Flexibility: Flexible scheduling options cater to your individual needs.
  • Positive Reviews: Consistent positive customer reviews, particularly from those who have shipped luxury vehicles, indicate a strong reputation for quality service.


  • Limited Perks: Unlike some competitors, AutoStar might not offer additional perks like car rental reimbursement or a free car wash.
  • Uncertain Discounts: While they might offer some discounts, it’s unclear what kind and how readily available they are.

AutoStar Transport Express Cost Breakdown

AutoStar Transport Express’s car shipping costs can range anywhere from as low as $0.40 per mile to as high as $1.70 per mile.

Albany, NYAustin, TX1,845 miles$1,195
Fort Lauderdale, FLWashington DC1,036 miles$595
Los Angeles, CATulsa, OK1,432 miles$895
Miami, FLNew York City, NY1,280 miles$995
New York, NYSan Francisco, CA2,906 miles$1,195
Rome, GASan Antonio, TX980 miles$795
Sacramento, CASeattle, WA753 miles$695
San Diego, CADallas, TX1,358 miles$795

Customer Feedback

AutoStar Transport Express boasts positive customer reviews, with many praising their communication, reliability, and expertise in handling luxury vehicles. While some competitors might offer lower prices, customer sentiment highlights AutoStar’s focus on transparency and quality service throughout the shipping process.

American Auto Shipping

We selected American Auto Shipping for its exceptional value, distinguishing it from other auto shipping providers by eliminating the deposit requirement. The company offers competitive pricing and includes a personal concierge service to assist customers with every aspect of their relocation.

We included American Auto Shipping on our list due to its standout features such as the absence of a deposit requirement and the availability of a personal concierge service. Our assessment highlights the company’s strengths and areas of improvement based on our evaluation criteria.

  • Services Offered: American Auto Shipping provides customizable service levels. Standard service ensures vehicle pickup within one to five days at the most affordable rate. For an additional $200, customers can opt for priority shipping with pickup within one to two weekdays. Expedited service, available for an extra $500, guarantees vehicle pickup within 24 hours. The company also offers cost-effective rail shipping options, albeit requiring pickup at designated sites.
  • Pricing and Insurance: American Auto Shipping sets itself apart with binding quotes that eliminate surprise fees upon delivery. Additionally, the company offers up to $500 to cover deductibles for insurance claims, enhancing customer peace of mind.
  • Expert Assessment: The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through amenities like rental car reimbursement in case of delays and a complimentary car wash upon delivery.

Our review process underscores American Auto Shipping’s strong customer service, transparent pricing, flexible service options, and positive customer feedback. Key highlights include no deposit requirement and tiered pricing, allowing customers to choose delivery speeds according to their budget and timeline preferences.

While American Auto Shipping excels in domestic vehicle transport, it lacks international shipping options and does not offer 24/7 shipment tracking, which may be a consideration for some customers.

American Auto Shipping is ideal for domestic vehicle transport customers seeking affordable pricing and flexibility in service upgrades.


  • No upfront deposit necessary.
  • Offers expedited service for an additional fee.
  • Includes a personal concierge service.


  • Limited to domestic shipping only.
  • Full deposit required to qualify for discounts.
  • Tracking available during specified hours only.

American Auto Shipping Cost Breakdown

On average, American Auto Shipping charges between $0.60/mile for distances over 1000 miles and $1/mile shorter routes for car shipping, all depending on the distance and specific service requirements.

MilesAverage CostOpen TransportEnclosed Transport
150 miles$470$350$590
550 miles$750$550$950
1,000 miles$1,150$900$1,400
1,050 miles$985$720$1,250
2,750 miles$1,300$1,050$1,550

What Customers Are Saying

AutoStar Transport Express boasts positive customer reviews, with many praising their communication, reliability, and expertise in handling luxury vehicles. While some competitors might offer lower prices, customer sentiment highlights AutoStar’s focus on transparency and quality service throughout the shipping process.

Montway Auto Transport

We Select Montway Auto Transport is our top choice for vehicle shipping. With nearly two decades of experience, they have a strong reputation in the industry. Their network of over 30,000 carriers, including top interstate moving companies, ensures comprehensive service for your relocation needs.

Montway Auto Transport earns its place on our list for several standout qualities, including nationwide coverage, guaranteed delivery dates, and transparent pricing. However, we did note some areas for improvement, such as the absence of binding quotes.

  • Services Offered: Montway provides vehicle tracking through its live chat feature on its website, allowing customers to receive location updates conveniently. This sets them apart from many competitors who require customers to call for updates.
  • Pricing and Insurance: Montway ensures its carriers meet stringent liability and cargo insurance standards. Moreover, the company offers an additional layer of security with $250,000 of its own cargo insurance in cases where a carrier denies a claim, providing peace of mind to customers.
  • Company Information: Montway extends discounts to military members, customers shipping multiple vehicles, paying in cash, and returning customers, although specific terms and conditions apply.

We appreciate Montway’s commitment to customer protection by backing subcontracted carriers with its insurance policy. This proactive approach enhances trust and reliability. Additionally, their straightforward online tracking feature simplifies the monitoring process for customers.

Despite competitive pricing, Montway lacks a price guarantee or binding quote option, which impacted our assessment of their service.

Montway Auto Transport is well-suited for customers prioritizing punctual deliveries at reasonable prices. They offer discounts beneficial to military personnel, multiple vehicle shippers, returning customers, and those paying in cash.


  • Offers guaranteed delivery dates.
  • Provides transparent pricing.
  • Includes GPS tracking.


  • Does not offer shipping for boats or RVs.
  • Does not provide binding quotes.
  • Lacks a price guarantee.

How Much Does Montway Auto Transport Cost?

MilesOpen TransportEnclosed Transport

Customer Feedback

While Montway is known for its user-friendly website, helpful customer service, and on-time deliveries (as reflected in many positive reviews), some customers have mentioned challenges reaching representatives and occasional delays.

Selecting the Ideal Auto Transport Company: Key Considerations

Entrusting your car to a stranger can be nerve-wracking. Choosing the right auto transport company requires careful consideration. Look for a company with a strong reputation, built on experience and positive customer reviews. Competitive pricing, transparent communication, and a variety of transport options (open or enclosed carrier) are all crucial factors. Don’t be afraid to get quotes and ask questions to ensure your car arrives safely and on time.

  • Reputation and Reviews: Do your research! Look for companies with a long history of satisfied customers. Check online review sites and industry associations for feedback on a company’s reliability, communication, and overall service quality. A strong reputation built on experience is a great first indicator.
  • Price vs. Value: Don’t be solely swayed by the cheapest quote. While getting competitive pricing is important, factor in the overall value proposition. Look for companies that offer transparent pricing structures, with no hidden fees. Consider the level of service included, such as insurance coverage, transport method options (open or enclosed carrier), and customer support availability.
  • Communication and Customer Service: A smooth and stress-free experience hinges on clear communication. Choose a company that offers multiple channels for communication, such as phone, email, and online chat. Responsive and knowledgeable customer service representatives are essential to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the transport process.
  • Insurance and Coverage: Make sure the auto transport company provides adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle during transport. Understand the type and extent of coverage offered, and inquire about additional coverage options if necessary. Peace of mind knowing your car is protected is invaluable.
  • Transport Method: Highlight the different transport methods offered by companies (open carrier vs. enclosed carrier). Explain the pros and cons of each, such as cost-effectiveness of open carriers versus the added protection of enclosed trailers for luxury vehicles or those in bad weather conditions.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Briefly mention the importance of choosing a company that is properly licensed and insured. This ensures they operate legally and have the financial backing to handle any potential issues.
  • Experience with Specific Vehicle Types: If you’re shipping a unique vehicle like a classic car, motorcycle, or oversized truck, consider including a point about a company’s experience handling such vehicles. Some companies specialize in specific vehicle types and have the necessary equipment and expertise for safe transport.
  • Delivery Flexibility: Briefly touch upon the importance of understanding a company’s delivery options. Do they offer door-to-door service, or will there be terminal pick-up and drop-off points involved? Knowing your options allows you to choose what best suits your needs.
  • Track and Trace Capabilities: Modern auto transport companies offer online tracking tools to monitor your vehicle’s progress throughout the journey. Mentioning this feature provides peace of mind for customers who can stay informed about their car’s location.

Enclosed Car Shipping vs. Open Carrier Method: Choosing the Right Fit

When shipping your car, a crucial decision is selecting the transport method: enclosed carrier or open carrier. Both options have their pros and cons, and the ideal choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Enclosed Carrier:



Open Carrier:



Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Distance: For longer distances, enclosed carriers might be more appealing for added protection.
  • Vehicle Value: For high-value cars, the extra cost of an enclosed carrier might be justified.
  • Time Constraints: If you need a faster transport option, open carriers might be more readily available.
  • Weather Conditions: If shipping during harsh weather, an enclosed carrier provides better protection.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your priorities. If budget is your main concern and your car is a standard vehicle, an open carrier might suffice. However, if you prioritize maximum protection, security, or peace of mind, an enclosed carrier might be worth the extra investment.

Factors affect the cost of car shipping companies

Several factors can influence the cost of car shipping companies. Here’s a breakdown of the key ones:

  • Distance: This is the biggest cost driver. The farther your car needs to travel, the more it will cost to ship. Costs are often calculated per mile, so longer distances naturally translate to higher prices.
  • Location: Shipping to and from major cities is typically cheaper. This is because car shipping companies have established routes between these locations, allowing them to fill trucks more efficiently. Shipping to rural areas or less common destinations might incur additional charges.
  • Type of Transport: Open carrier transport, where your car is exposed on a multi-car trailer, is generally the more affordable option. Enclosed carriers, which offer full protection for your vehicle in a private trailer, are significantly more expensive.
  • Size and Weight of Your Vehicle: Larger and heavier vehicles take up more space and require more fuel to transport. Expect to pay more for shipping SUVs, trucks, or vans compared to smaller sedans.
  • Speed of Delivery: Expedited shipping options, where your car gets prioritized for a faster delivery timeframe, will cost more than standard delivery times.
  • Fuel Prices: Fluctuations in fuel prices can impact the overall cost of car shipping. Companies may adjust their quotes based on current fuel prices.
  • Insurance: The level of insurance coverage you choose for your vehicle during transport will affect the final cost. More comprehensive coverage comes with a higher price tag.
    Time of Year: Demand for car shipping services generally increases during peak seasons like spring and summer. These periods might see higher prices due to limited availability and increased competition.
  • Company Policy and Services: Different car shipping companies have their own pricing structures and may offer additional services like door-to-door delivery or inoperable vehicle transport, which can impact the final cost.

Key Considerations When Using Car Transport Companies

  1. Quotes Can Vary: Car shipping quotes are typically estimates and may not reflect the final cost. It’s common for the actual amount due to be determined after the vehicle reaches its destination. Providing detailed information to the shipping company can help minimize or eliminate surprises in the final bill.
  2. Approximate Timing: Unless specifically detailed in the contract, the timeframe for shipping your car is approximate. The dates provided indicate the earliest pickup and latest delivery times. Your bill of lading will outline specifics, including timing and shipment details, serving as both a receipt and contract.
  3. Understanding Insurance Coverage: Whether relying on the shipping company’s standard insurance, purchasing additional protection, or using your own insurance, it’s crucial to know what the policy covers before handing over your vehicle. Understanding coverage details ensures you’re adequately protected during transit.
  4. Documentation of Vehicle Condition: Before handing your vehicle to the auto transport company, thoroughly document its condition. Take photographs and note any existing damages. Upon return, re-assess to identify any new issues. Comprehensive documentation is essential for holding the shipping company accountable for any transport-related damages.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the car shipping industry and choose the perfect company for your needs. Remember, prioritize getting quotes from multiple companies, inquire about their services, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. With careful planning and the right partner by your side, your car will be on its way to its new destination, safe and sound.


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