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SEO is a must suggest by the expert for businesses that are building or designing their website. Because SEO is the process of improving your website. And that’s why customers want to know more about it and ask us the answer to questions like

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • How does it work? 
  • What are the benefits of it?

Therefore, to clear the client’s SEO conception, we are going to give you the answer to these questions that are worth more than a million dollars and tell all the related details of it. If you don’t have any experience in SEO still you can bring some positive changes that will help you to improve your SEO if you have little knowledge about it. 

So, if you are also in the list of getting to know about SEO then read the full article, hope we will be able to give you A to z knowledge of SEO.

What is SEO

SEO is the theme tune of Search Engine Optimization, it’s the process of dragging organic or unpaid traffic from the search engine page by optimizing your website. In another saying, SEO makes your website look more attractive to the search engine by making some changes in your website content and its design. And all this is done in hopes that your website will be google algorithm friendly and for that google will show your website in the search result page at a top-ranking position.

How it works

Search Engine always wants to give the best services to its users. For satisfying the users the search engine page always presents the result that is relevant and top in quality. At first, Search engines will examine and review websites to find out what is best, then it will present the search result page that matches the keywords or topics searched by the users. 

Search Engine also surveys websites to know how easy it is to read, and

rewards the websites that are friendly to google algorithms and its users with the higher-ranking position in the search result page. That’s why Businesses implement SEO optimization to make sure their position in search engines. 

Benefits of SEO

SEO has lots of benefits. It helps in increasing your visibility in the search engine page.  You can easily reach and engage customers by creating content that is valuable, effective and SEO focused. 

Let’s dig into some more benefits of SEO-


  1. SEO presents your products to the right customer:There are thousands of people searching for products or services online. A survey says that around 2 billion people are online, and per day 3.5 billion searches on search engines and per second the number is 40,0000 million opportunities are available for you to show your website on the search engine result page.  And SEO is the best for that because your customers are always on the search engine that’s why you can easily grasp them by optimizing the search engines.

  1. SEO pulls quality traffic:We know that the traffic from search engines is the best traffic. Because customers search for products or services they need, and when your product or services match with their search, search engines present those before them. Like this, you can drag the traffic to your website from search engines. You don’t have to spend lots of money on advertising and push or persuade people to buy from you. Because people are already in your pocket by searching your product on the search engines.

  1. SEO is freeYou don’t have to pay for advertising like PPC or others when your SEO standing is strong. It’s less expensive and more effective to acquire more customers. You just have to bear the cost of hiring an SEO company.  If you don’t have any knowledge of website coding and Google algorithm’s then you will need the help of an expert SEO agency that will help you in ranking fast.
  2. SEO is a long-term strategySEO takes 6-12 months’ time to measure the optimal ranking of a website as it is a long term strategy. Just like It takes time to build ranking, it also takes a long time to down the ranking. But once you can climb in the top position then it’s hard to drop. The only reason for a decline would be a change in SEO competition or Google algorithm. And it rarely happens. 
  3. SEO is a 24/7 service provider: SEO is a service provider that provides service 24/7 without sleeping. Hence, your ranking can’t be lost away overnight. You can increase the number of traffic every day and then you will rank on a top search engine that will promote your website at that time also when you are still sleeping.
  4. SEO builds trust: All of us know that people trust Google, that’s why they make a search on it every time they need information, products or services. When you are on the search result page people also trust you because of the trust in Google results. If Google shows you on the first page, it means you are getting a chance to get potential customers by educating them with what they are searching for. Google helps you to rank this position only when your website is highly optimized and it’s improving fast, but if you fail in pleasing Google with your optimization then you are not going to get any of these benefits.
  5. SEO increases brand awareness and touches: SEO helps you to make people aware of your brand. Sometimes it happens that people visit your website but left without buying anything, you can send an offer to them, it will help them to buy next time because they will know about your offer and will be interested in buying. And when awareness increases SEO will automatically increase with it. Your website will be on the top and shown to people every time they search with related keywords. The more visitors will get to see your website the more chances will increase to get those visitors as a customer. That’s how ranking in SEO will help you to get more touchpoints with customers.
  6. SEO is measurable: you can measure your SEO performance whenever you want. You can check your website ranking, organic traffic number you are getting and overall progression. You can use tools to measure it. You can also find out which keywords are more valuable and fit your needs. 
  7. SEO is cost-effective: It’s proved that SEO is more cost-effective than other paid advertising. If you are not dumb then why are you paying such a hefty amount just to be seen on a page!!! You can be seen on the Google page easily by optimizing your website and it costs much less than paid advertising. And when your ranking position is high on Google it becomes easier to get more organic traffic from Google. With the help of SEO, you can say bye to your worries because SEO will drive the best results for you.
  8. Beat the larger companies with the help of SEO: In the time of running a small business, it feels tough to compete with a large business in Google AdWords. Because AdWords needs lots of money and to compete with these larger businesses you need to spend like them. The larger business invests more because their profit number is huge but small business profit is much less than theirs. So, a small business can’t spend like larger businesses. But don’t worry, if you implement SEO with proper strategy then you can not only just compete but also can win more than them. SEO isn’t pocket-friendly and fits your budget but gives you the result better than Google AdWords.
  9.  SEO increases your business value: The more your SEO ranking grows, the more your business value grows, this is one of the notable advantages of SEO. When you are available in the market to sell your business and have a top-ranking position, then buyers are going to figure out your business as a valuable invisible asset. Because SEO stays at a stable place for a long time and increases your business value day by day.
  10. SEO, the best “PR” strategy:  Did you hear about the new “PR” strategy? 

We know how to rank high on the search engines, quality backlinks are a must and you can get these backlinks from other websites that are linked with your website. The more backlinks you have, the more relevant your website will be and the more you will rank high. You may require lots of publicity to acquire quality backlinks. And the more publicity you will do, the more opportunities you will get to have quality backlinks. And this whole process is only then possible when your SEO strategy is good. 

  1. SEO increases your followers in social media: SEO will help you to increase the number of social media followers. When people do research and get your website they will like to click and follow your website on social media. You will get thousands of visitors if your SEO campaign is effective and you can also expect to have some followers from that large number of visitors.
  2.  SEO increases Blog traffic:  SEO will obviously increase your blog traffic if you can implement it rightly. When your website will be optimized your website ranking will rise in Google and your blog will be found more than before on Google. You will gain more traffic by promoting your blog content on your website through SEO.
  3. SEO improves your website safety and security: SEO troops your website to make it more safe and secure. So that your website visitors can be safe and secure from virus attacks and other frauds. Slowly, your website ranking will boost because secure websites can highly influence SEO ranking. 
  4.  SEO provides better user experience: It’s clean and clear that SEO improves the overall customer experience of your website.  You need to keep in mind that Google always provides unique and relevant search results for their users. So, if you want to rank high on Google you will have to make your website 100% unique and relevant.  And for this, you will have to offer great customer experience, so that Google can give a top rank position to you and suggest you to its users.
  5. SEO grows and makes you stand out: With time SEO is growing and the reason is it works. Businesses can jump and get a top position on google just because of SEO and it’s higher than online advertising. There are more than 250 million websites in the online world. An average person can never imagine what the internet is going to offer because the platform is too big. A better SEO will help you to stand out among the millions of other websites that are present on the internet.
  6.  SEO is Affordable: SEO is affordable than any other advertising form to increase the number of conversions. SEO doesn’t cost you too much normally it ranges from 500$-2000$. You can spend on SEO as per your budget fits. Once you rank #1 page you will get the return and the return is worthy.
  7. SEO is the smart marketing investment: SEO is a valuable and long term asset of your website. And It is the smartest marketing investment you can invest in, and it’s benefits are countless.  It generates traffic, drags visitors and makes sales without any paid advertising. So, if you want to grow further without investing any paid advertising, then don’t think just invest in SEO and see the result yourself.

I tried to cover full SEO here and hope it will be helpful for you. If you want SEO service’s you can contact us. We always give our best services to our clients and consider your satisfaction as our first priority.

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