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Voicify AI: Produce Music with AI Technology

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‍Voicify AI is a groundbreaking platform in the vast space of AI tools, We have seen AI SEO tools, AI tools for business, AI tools for content creation even AI wearables but this AI platform is disrupting the music industry by allowing users to generate customized songs using the voices of their favorite artists. This innovative tool combines technology and creativity to produce AI-generated music covers that sound remarkably like the original artists. Whether you’re a professional musician or a music enthusiast, this platform caters to all, providing a platform to express creativity and produce professional-grade music.

Key Takeaways

How to Use Voicify AI: The Basics

To create an AI music cover with the AI, the process is straightforward. Users start by signing up on Voicify’s website. Once registered, they can explore the platform’s vast library of AI voice models. These models mimic the voices of various artists, allowing users to create AI covers that sound eerily like the original.

After selecting their desired voice model, users upload the song they wish to recreate. The platform then processes the song and generates an AI cover in the chosen voice. The entire process takes only a few seconds, and the resulting audio clip is available for download as an MP3 file.

Diverse Library of AI Voice Models

What sets this platform apart from other platforms is its extensive library of AI voice models. This collection spans across various categories including music, cartoons, anime, gaming, and public figures. It even offers voice models in different languages such as German, Korean, French, and Italian.

Customising Your AI Voice Model

If you can’t find your desired voice in Voicify’s extensive library, don’t worry! The platform allows you to create your custom voice model. To do this, you simply upload voice samples, and the AI does the rest.

Standout Features of Voicify AI

Standout Features of Voicify AI

The unique features it possesses, make it a standout platform in the music industry. These include:

User Case Scenarios

The versatility of the platform lends itself to a variety of use cases, from entertainment and business to personal and accessibility applications.

Who Can Benefit from Voicify AI?

It is a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of users. Musicians can use it to create vocal tracks for song covers or original compositions. Content creators can use it for voiceovers for videos, podcasts, animations, and more.
Voice actors can use it to practice voice impersonations or create new characters. Developers can integrate the platform’s text-to-speech feature into their products to provide unique voices. Businesses can use it to create brand voiceovers for videos, presentations, or training courses.

For personal use, it enables users to create personalized audio keepsakes or gifts.

Pricing Models

voicify AI current Pricing plans

Voicify offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs.

All plans offer a ‘No commitment – cancel anytime’ option.


User Reviews and Ratings

On Trustpilot, This AI Platform has a user rating of 3.2/5 stars based on 34 reviews. On G2, the platform has a user rating of 4.7/5 stars with three reviews. These ratings reflect the platform’s overall reliability and user satisfaction.


Voicify AI is a revolutionary tool that is democratizing the music production process. Its easy-to-use interface, extensive library of AI voice models, and powerful features make it a valuable asset for anyone interested in music production. Whether you’re a professional musician or a fan of a particular artist, It provides an innovative platform to express your creativity and produce music that truly resonates with you.


How Accurate are the Voice Models?

The accuracy of Voicify AI’s voice models varies. Celebrity voices tend to be very convincing, while fictional voices can be hit or miss. Custom models cloned from your voice will sound just like you!

How is My Data Handled?

Voicify AI prioritises data privacy and security. All data is encrypted and handled according to the platform’s strict Privacy Policy.

Can I Use Voicify AI Commercially?

Yes, paid subscription plans allow commercial use.

Is Voicify Free?

You can generate your first track for free.

What Formats Can I Export the Audio In?

Currently, Voicify AI supports exporting audio as MP3 files. Additional formats may be supported in the future.


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